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Places in Zimbabwe with CH

Search and find places in Zimbabwe with first letters CH.

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Alphabetical index of places in Zimbabwe with CH

There are 226 places in Zimbabwe beginning with 'CH' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Chababomera   to   Chidonitofaraseyi
Places in Zimbabwe with CH
Chababomera Chababomera1.-
Chabera Chabera2.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chabili Chabili3.-
Chadcombe Chadcombe4.Harare Harare-
Chadyeni Chadyeni5.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chafutchi Chafutchi6.-
Chagonda Chagonda7.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chagwiza Chagwiza8.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chahata Chahata9.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chaita Chaita10.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chakari Chakari11.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West6,472
Chakona Chakona12.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chambati Chambati13.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chaminuka Chaminuka14.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chamisa Chamisa15.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chamnanga Chamnanga16.-
Chancit Chancit17.Matabeleland North Matabeleland North-
Chandida Chandida18.Masvingo Masvingo-
Changata Changata19.Mashonaland Central Mashonaland Central-
Chaparanganda Chaparanganda20.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chapinga Chapinga21.Manicaland Manicaland-
Chapungu Chapungu22.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chapwanya Chapwanya23.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chapxania Chapxania24.Manicaland Manicaland-
Charamba Charamba25.Masvingo Masvingo-
Charara Charara26.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Charumbira Charumbira27.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chasauka Chasauka28.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chatsworth Chatsworth29.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chauruka Chauruka30.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chaurura Chaurura31.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chavahera Chavahera32.Manicaland Manicaland-
Chavunda Chavunda33.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chawunga Chawunga34.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chebundo Chebundo35.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chegutu Chegutu36.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West47,294
Chegutu Pfupajena Township Chegutu Pfupajena Township37.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chehoko Chehoko38.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chemhondoro Chemhondoro39.Mashonaland East Mashonaland East-
Chendamora Chendamora40.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chereya Chereya41.-
Chibamu Chibamu42.Mashonaland West Mashonaland West-
Chibaya Chibaya43.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chibhamu Chibhamu44.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chibunje Chibunje45.Manicaland Manicaland-
Chibuwe Chibuwe46.Manicaland Manicaland-
Chichindwi Homestead Chichindwi Homestead47.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chidakwa Chidakwa48.Masvingo Masvingo-
Chidiro Chidiro49.Manicaland Manicaland-
Chidonitofaraseyi Chidonitofaraseyi50.Masvingo Masvingo-

1 - 50 of 226 places
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