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Largest places in Zimbabwe

The largest cities and places in Zimbabwe at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Zimbabwe.

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Largest places in Zimbabwe
Insiza Insiza51.Matabeleland South Matabeleland South2,645
Esigodini Esigodini52.Matabeleland South Matabeleland South2,228
Plumtree Plumtree53.Matabeleland South Matabeleland South2,148
Nyazura Nyazura54.Manicaland Manicaland2,110
Raffingora Raffingora55. 1,957
Chirundu Chirundu56. 1,911
Filabusi Filabusi57.Matabeleland South Matabeleland South1,756
Headlands Headlands58.Manicaland Manicaland1,728
Dorowa Mining Lease Dorowa Mining Lease59. 1,676
Beatrice Beatrice60.Mashonaland East Mashonaland East1,647
Kamativi Mine Kamativi Mine61.Matabeleland North Matabeleland North1,575
Lalapanzi Lalapanzi62.Midlands Midlands1,390
Lupane Lupane63.Matabeleland North Matabeleland North1,200
Madziwa Madziwa64. 527

51 - 64 of 64 places
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